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Works available for purchase

Donahue is a leading American trompe l' oeil artist and realist who works in a variety of mediums---oil, graphite, watercolor, serigraphy, intaglio and photography. These original works are framed and can be seen in his gallery (Loose Chippings Studio and Gallery) in Belton, Texas. All works are available for purchase unless noted in a private collection. His works are owned by filmmaker Dean Semler as well as actors Robert Duval and Jack Palance. Many works deal with provocative social issues.

Bible Belt Easter Happy Meal
Madonna of misconception
Factory rebate-red tag sale
The blessing of St. Sebastian
Rococo loco
The autopsy
Gambler's altarpiece (closed)
Gambler's altarpiece (open)
11 completely naked Swedish chickens
Bell County Crucifixion
Prostitute eating a big mac
Queen of broken hearts
After party-Salome
The threat-Jihadi John
The rock-David and Goliath
Victory along the Greasy Grass
Reflections of Texas in my mirror
Double self portrait as cowboy
Montmatre Gothique
Les Demoiselles de St. Denis
Le Déjeuner de St. Sebastian
"Arches Altarpiece"
"Casting the First Stone"
"Full Moon over Stillhouse"
Afternoon on Stillhouse Lake
"Sunrise over Stillhouse Lake

"Bible Belt Easter Happy Meal"

oil on canvas


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